US: Have organic foods become mass market?

organic foods
As major retailers like Walmart and Whole Foods experiment with cheaper organic lines and sales of organic food have dramatically outpaced that of conventional food, you may think that organic has gone mainstream. However, a recent study in the Journal of Food Products Marketing suggests that the growth of organics might not be so diversified.
Researchers looked at organic food sales across Manhattan. They visited 1,256 stores, assessing whether each retail location sold organic, local or conventional versions of 24 foods that are among the most common to be sold organically.
They found that stores selling more than a handful of organic products were overwhelmingly concentrated on the Upper East and Upper West sides —neighborhoods that are wealthy and highly educated. Sixty percent of the borough’s stores did not offer a single organic item on the list, and one-third offered 12 items or less. Only 5 percent of the stores offered at least half of the 24 items in organic versions. See the rest of the story.


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