U.S. organic food, fiber sales booming

organic products growth

Original Article appears at Capital Press | By Carol Ryan Dumas

Total organic sales in 2015 marked the fourth-consecutive year of double-digit growth

U.S. organic product sales jumped nearly 11 percent in 2015, setting records along the way.

Total sales of organic food and non-food products reached $43.3 billion, with organic food sales claiming about 92 percent of all receipts at $39.7 billion, according to the Organic Trade Association.

Those food sales were up 10.6 percent year over year, outperforming the 3 percent growth in conventional food sales and claiming nearly 5 percent of all food sold in the U.S.

At $3.6 billion, organic non-food sales were up 12.8 percent, led by organic fiber and organic supplements, eclipsing the 2.8 growth in primarily conventional comparable products.

Total organic sales in 2015 marked the fourth-consecutive year of double-digit growth, adding $4.2 billion in sales over 2014. Those sales represent a 209 percent growth since 2005, when sales totaled $14 billion.

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“Despite all of the challenges, the organic industry saw its largest dollar growth to date and the industry rallied together, investing in infrastructure, education and systems to endure that it will continue to be the most meaning farm-to-fork — and fiber — system,” said Laura Batcha, OTA executive director.

Growing consumer interest in organic products stems from a desire for transparency in the supply chain and to know where food comes from, she said.

“At the shelf, this translates to consumers seeking clean labels with simple ingredient lists,” OTA stated in its executive summary of its 2016 Organic Industry Survey, which won’t be available until June.

“Farm-fresh foods — produce and dairy — are driving the market. Together, they account for more than… see the entire article.

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