Rod Smith, CEO of Green PolkaDot Box Updates Investors on MoneyTV


From the news release:

Green PolkaDot Box (OTC Pinks: “GPDB” or “the Company”) announced today that U.S. Patents No. D758917 and D758918 for its vertical Planter and Planter Bottom Plate were issued on June 14th.

These newly issued patents pertain to a proprietary vertical growing technology developed by GPDB to be able to harvest and deliver direct-to-customers Living Produce™: a new category of high-quality, low-priced produce to be sold “by specification.”

GPDB’s patented technology and growing system has the potential to deliver the full spectrum of nutrients required for healthy, sustainable plant growth. The Company believes that customers will able to see and taste the difference and view the “specs” (the vitamin/mineral contents of each plant and their respective benefits in promoting a strong, healthy immune system.) GPDB intends to be one of the first growers to sell its produce with specifications, raising the bar for exceptional produce.

The many varieties Living Produce™ to be offered by GPDB through its growing network of Health Merchants is alive, literally, when harvested and delivered the next day to the customer’s residence or place of business. These plants can remain alive for up to 7-10 days before they begin to deteriorate and lose peak phytonutrient value.

GPDB’s Living Produce™ herbs and leafy green vegetables, along with other popular varieties, including vine crops such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and squash will be grown in “closed” indoor, climate-controlled greenhouses. Rare plant species that are sometimes very hard to get will also be available.


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