Overfed but Under-nourished Country – Obesity and Sickness

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Statistics show that one in three kids born after the year 2000 is either obese or overweight. The growing poverty in America and obesity epidemic go hand in hand and in fact, a study published in the Journal of Urban Health suggests that obesity caused by malnutrition is an epidemic in the United States. The US isn’t the only country with such findings and another study by New Zealand researchers shows that one thirds of preschool kids are either obese or overweight. According to researchers, 82% of pre-school kids do not get enough…

The recent studies have found an interesting contradiction: Obesity is linked to mal-nourishment

But how could that be? A rich nation (with 17 Trillion dollars GDP a year) is starving to death when an average American consumes more than 3700 calories a day? It appears that lack of proper nutrition (in form of fiber, bioflavonoids, antioxidants and micronutrients (only found in raw fruits and veggies), can lead to obesity, even when people eat enough number of calories. The junk food industry has made us to believe that all calories are equal and thanks to nutrition science promoted by the American Dietetic Association (run by junk food, biotech and chemical companies); many nutrition charts promote the idea that ‘all calories are equal’. [Not all calories are equal: Only counting calories (calories in=calories out) isn’t enough for maintaining a healthy weight, because calories are no longer… see the entire article.

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