Overcoming the High Cost of Organic Food

organic food prices

Original Article Appears at Whole Foods Magazine

One of the biggest issues with organic foods is the cost… However GPDB is working on the solution

Excerpts from the article:

But if you like them (Brussels Sprouts), you really like them and you will go the extra mile to add them to your shopping cart. Hitting the register at $8.99 a pound in my local natural food store, they stand as a symbol of the rising and often beyond the reach of most people’s “sensible-food-budget-price” of certified organic food.

How many times have you walked into your local natural food store and reached for your favorite fruit, vegetable, supplement, or packaged item and wondered, “Why does organic food cost so much?” For health conscious organic shoppers, it can be a real dilemma, causing consumers to seriously weigh and sometimes sacrifice important health considerations as well as family food preferences with the constraints of their pocketbook. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” said Hippocrates, but what if it costs too much?

The good news is that researchers are suggesting that it is possible to feed the global population sustainably

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See how GPDB is going to lower the price of organic foods by up to 66%! See the infographic below…

organic food prices


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