Organic, Non-GMO Growth Expected to Continue at Five Times the Overall Food Market

organic foods

It only takes a look at a few numbers; the organic/non-GMO food movement is picking up steam. In fact, the organic food market is growing at a pace 5 times that of the overall food market.

According to “Global Organic Food Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, global organic food market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 16% through 2020. The total retail market for organic products is now valued at more than $39 billion in the United States and over $75 billion worldwide.

Millennials, by most definitions, those reaching adulthood around the year 2000 are the main drivers of the growth of the organic sector. They have an expectation of knowing what is in the food and beverages they consume and the products they use. Additional research is indicating that there is a great deal of importance for environmental, ethical and economic benefits of the organic lifestyle.

The reason for the increasing growth of organic and non-GMO food market is the incredible proliferation of diseases related to lifestyle which includes the foods we eat. Other factors include contamination and disease risk from pesticides, effects on the human body from antibiotics and hormones in the animal product supply.

As it has gone in Europe, GMOs have been eliminated from the food supply and the use of pesticides, fungicides and other contaminants. Here in the U.S., we expected that we follow Europe with these two trends.

The biggest barrier for consumer purchase of organic, GMO free food items is the high cost. Between the producer and the retailer, the cost markup is in the 250-300 percent range.

At Green PolkaDot Box, we are addressing a big need in the consumer marketplace. We have developed a digital application, our Health Merchant Program. Through improved distribution, efficiency and vertical integration over time, we expect to reduce prices of organic, GMO free food items between 35 and 75 percent.

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