Organic food market set to double

organic foods

Organic growth set to double – but it won’t feed the planet alone: Study

organic foodsBy Kizzi Nkwocha, 10-Feb-2016

Sales of organic food and drink are set to double by 2018 but this is not enough to feed the world – a truly sustainable farming system is needed for future food and ecosystem security, say researchers. See the entire article at FoodNavigator…



Is Organic More Nutritious? New Study Adds To The Evidence

organic foodsScientists have been trying to answer this question. And the results of a huge new meta-analysis published this week in the British Journal of Nutrition adds to the evidence that organic production can boost key nutrients in foods.

The study finds that organic dairy and meat contain about 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids. The increase is the result of animals foraging on grasses rich in omega-3s, which then end up in dairy and meats. The findings are based on data pooled from more than 200 studies, and research in the U.S. has pointed to similar benefits.


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