The Glyphosate Safety Report; Why is EPA Delaying?


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Original Article posted at American Council on Science and Health | by Julie Kelly

The Environmental Protection Agency is punting a final decision on the safety of the controversial weedkiller glyphosate to the next administration.

Since 2009, the agency has been conducting a registration review of glyphosate, one of the world most widely-used herbicides, and evaluating any risk to human and environmental health, an assessment required every 15 years.

The lengthy process has been fraught with delays, accusations of political maneuvering and even Congressional investigations.

Under questioning by the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee in June, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy assured lawmakers the review would be finished this fall. But in their latest stall tactic – despite two internal reports concluding glyphosate does not cause cancer – the EPA postponed the meeting of a Scientific Advisory Panel this week to yet again evaluate its carcinogenicity. In a statement, the agency said “due to changes in the availability of experts for the peer review panel…the meeting on glyphosate is being postponed to…

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