Glyphosate in Bagels, Organic Eggs, Oatmeal?


This article first appeared in Indian Country Today Media Network by ICTMN Staff

Turtle Island residents woke up this week to news that our cereal, eggs and bagels are infused with a potentially cancer-causing compound from the Monsanto weed killer trade-named Roundup.


A whopping 10 out of 24 breakfast food items tested positive for the compound, Huffington Post reported. The chemical culprit is glyphosate, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has linked to cancer.


“We decided to do this testing to see just how ubiquitous this toxin has become in our environment,” said Gretchen DuBeau, executive and legal director of the Alliance for Natural Health-USA, which conducted the analysis by independent lab, to the environmental news site EcoWatch. “We expected that trace amounts would show up in foods containing large amounts of corn and soy. However, we were unprepared for just how invasive this poison has been to our entire food chain.”


Just how invasive extended to organic eggs, which contained more glyphosate than any… See the entire article

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