The Food Industry Is the Next Frontier for Startups

food industry

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Technology is forcing established industries to transform and re-imagine how they can remain relevant. Uber and Lyft, using easy mobile apps, have dealt a blow to the taxi industry; Airbnb is disrupting the hospitality industry; and e-learning is threatening traditional educational models. One industry that has lagged behind is food. That is changing, and the “institutionalized” methods of food production and consumption need to be prepared for the disrupters.

Archaic Practices and Consumer Anger

These are probably the two biggest factors in the coming revolution in food. A large group of innovators are now addressing these factors – how and where food is produced, what it contains, how consumers are choosing to eat, waste, and delivery models – through technology.

Supported by both crowdfunding and accelerators, innovative food business startups in hydroponics and other growing technologies, robotics, delivery, meal-kits, and even how people eat out, are knocking on the doors of the traditionalists. Add to that the technology that enables consumers to act as watchdogs, and the disruption can already be felt. There’s plenty of room for… See the rest of the article at TECH.CO.

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