Economic Overturn – The Digital Transformation

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Article by Michael Markowski

Now accelerating at warp speed is the transformation from the industrial economy to the digital economy, based on developments occurring the week ended May 13, 2016. Share prices of the digital economy companies Amazon and Facebook hitting all-time highs while and four major department store chains hit new 52-week lows has resulted in a new dimension of risk being added to the world’s equities markets.

The author, Analyst Michael Markowski discusses his recommendation of Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB)

The carnage that I witnessed for all of the department store companies last week ranks as one of the most memorable throughout my 40-year career in the capital markets. What is now happening gives new meaning to the catchphrase “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. See “Old-school American Retail is getting Crushed by Capitalism”, May 14, 2016.

On Thursday, May 12, 2016, share prices of two of the companies leading the charge for the digital economy, Amazon and Facebook, hit all-time highs. Uber’s shares do not trade because it is not yet a public company. Conversely, share prices of Hertz and six brick-and-mortar retailers that reported earnings for the week ended May 13, 2016 that have business models being disrupted by Amazon and Uber, all declined by at least 10%… See the entire article.

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