Demand for Organic Foods Exceeds Supply

organic foods

Via: EWG

Excerpts from an article written by Colin O’Neil, Agriculture Policy Director for EWG:

There are now 21,781 certified organic operations in the country – an increase of nearly 300 percent since USDA began tallying them in 2002. The total U.S. retail market for organic products is valued at $39 billion, and according to the Organic Trade Association, sales of organic food account for nearly 5 percent of total food sales nationwide.


Study after study has found that organic foods contain higher concentrations of beneficial nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, as well as lower levels of toxic cadmium and nitrates. Organic produce also has fewer pesticide residues than conventionally grown crops.


In addition to the notable consumer benefits, organic farming practices can dramatically shrink agriculture’s environmental footprint. Organic farming consumes less energy than conventional farming because these farmers don’t use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farming can also reduce water pollution, increase biodiversity, promote healthy soils and sequester significantly more carbon than conventional farming.

See the entire article.

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