Crop Damage Reported From Illegal Dicamba Use on Monsanto’s GMO Seeds


Article Originally posted at EcoWatch | Lorraine Chow

Monsanto is in the news again, and not in a constructive way…

Dicamba functions by increasing plant growth rate. At sufficient concentrations, the plant outgrows its nutrient supplies and dies… Agriculture use of Dicamba may increase due to newly produced dicamba resistant plant lines (Xtend) created by Monsanto.

To the horror of farmers across America’s farm belt, hundreds of thousands of crop acres have been adversely impacted by the apparent misuse of the drift-prone herbicide dicamba on Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Xtend soybean and cotton plants.

According to a recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance advisory, the EPA and state agencies have received an “unusually high” number of reports of crop damage that appear related to the illegal spraying of dicamba.

The EPA has collected similar reports of crop damage from 10 states: Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Missouri appears to have… see the entire article.

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