Benefits of Clean Eating from a Dietician

clean eating

Original Article posted at New Zealand Herald by Sophie Medlin

“Clean eating” is associated with the healthy lifestyle and body beautiful that is promoted by many online bloggers. While the term is heavily used in social media, there has never been any agreement on what it really means or any comprehensive studies examining the potential benefits of a clean eating lifestyle as a whole.

However, the core principles that the big names in this movement champion appear to be: eliminate processed food; reduce salt intake; eat more vegetables; choose whole grains; eliminate refined sugar; reduce alcohol. For some, you also need to be gluten, dairy, and soya free and to eat raw (depending on how militant you are, food has to be entirely uncooked or only mildly heated). And if you want to be completely “clean” you should probably be vegan, too. Quite a list, then.

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And there are also some big players online – including Food Babe, who was votedby Time Magazine as one of the 30 most influential people on the internet – who have significantly influenced this… see the entire article.



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