Americans Are Likely Consuming Glyphosate (Roundup) on a Daily Basis


According to an article posted at, The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) recently conducted its own research and found that 10 out of 24 breakfast foods tested positive for Glyphosate. Additionally, The ANH found that:

Results suggest that Americans are consuming glyphosate, a probable carcinogen, daily. Further, the tests did not take into account analogs of glyphosate, such as N-Acetylglyphosate, which is used by Dupont in their herbicide formulations used for GE crops.

If these analogs are present in food along with glyphosate, the end result would be “a greater bioaccumulation of glyphosate in our bodies and consequential increased chance of biological disruption and disease,” ANH noted.

ANH’s analysis found the highest levels of glyphosate in non-genetically engineered (GE) crops including bagels, bread and wheat cereal. This, they noted, is likely the result of the common practice of using glyphosate as a desiccant shortly before harvest.

See the entire article.


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