More Americans Embracing Organic and Non-GMO Foods – STUDY

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Respondents said buying local (37%), organic (33%) and non-GMO (30%) are key

More grocery shoppers are seeking out and trying “better-for-you” foods, especially dairy- and meat-free alternatives, according to a new national health food study by Earth Balance. Two thousand consumers were polled for the study, which looked at which new foods they’re trying, their top motivators and trends in healthy eating.

Are you interested in investing in the organic and non-GMO food movement?

While the better-for-you food trend is not new, its growth does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, when asked which factors are most important to them when shopping for food, respondents said buying local (37%), organic (33%) and non-GMO (30%) are key. Additionally, Americans are more willing to try better-for-you-foods, with the study showing the most-tried are healthy snacks, dairy alternatives and oil alternatives.

This survey was conducted online within the United States by 72 Point Inc. on behalf of Earth Balance in June 2016 among 2,000 consumers ages 18 and older. See the entire news release.


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